Why I Support Young Marriage 

Young marriage to me is getting hitched from ages 18 to 25. There are many reasons why people are against young marriage. My favorite reasoning that I’ve heard would be “they’re too young to know what real love is”. This is why I support young marriage 

1. Age Limits

I don’t believe there is a certain age that you should be allowed to love someone. “Congrats, you’re 15. You’re finally allowed to be in love.” You fall in love when you’re ready to fall in love. People don’t decide that for you.

2. Just because you’re married doesn’t mean your life is over.

Just because you’re married doesn’t mean you can’t still do things. You know, unless you’re married to some over the top jealous person. If you’re in a good relationship, there should be trust. And that trust should allow the other person to go off by themselves and do things independently. You can still have your own friends. All it means is when you come home after being away, you come back to the person you love. 

3. Experience 

This is a big one. Wether your marriage takes a tumble or it lasts forever, you’re experiencing something. Something life changing. You shouldn’t be judged for that. 

4. If you’re in love, why wait? 

If both of you TRULY feel that way, what’s the point of waiting? I’m not saying you should meet a guy, know him for two minutes and then get hitched. I’m saying, if you’ve put in the time, and you know it’s real, the do it.

I’m aware that other people have their own opinions about their outlooks on things like this and in no way am I trying to disrespect anyones beliefs. This is just my opinion.

Thank you.


My Top 4 Favorite Photo Editing Apps

I love editing pictures on my phone. Even the ones I take with my DSLR. It’s taken me awhile to find any editing apps that I love. Here are my top 4 starting with my favorite:

4. VSCOcam

Honestly, in my opinion, VSCO is the best app out there. It has everything you could ever wish for in one single app. Adjust your photo and if that isn’t enough for you, add one of the many effects. I edit the majority of my photos on here because it leaves a nice clean look. Not only is this app for iPhone, but also androids. I highly recommend this app. (Free)

3. BLACK-b&w film emulator 

I love this app because I adore editing in black and white. This app gives you multiple different beautiful b&w effects. Like in VSCO, you can adjust your pictures. Another highly recomended app!(free)

2. 1967

If you like vintage effects, this is the app for you! Unfortunately, there are less effects, but it is worth it! (Free)

1. whitagram

Wether you are looking to crop your photos into a square formation or wanting to add a  frame or even adding effects, whitagram has it. Great app to edit photos for Instagram. Thankfully, this app is free now. I recommend it! (Free)

The Worst Advice We’ve Ever Heard About Relationships

We all have that one friend who gives the WORST relationship advice. You follow that advice and your relationship is going to crumble.

“Just break up with them.” 

When you’re in a relationship, you’re going to fight. I mean, come on? What’s love without a little anger? Okay, here we go.:

You’re in a fight with your boyfriend/girlfriend and you decide to ask your single best friend who has never been in relationship that has lasted longer than two weeks for advice. Let me tell you, sometimes people who have never been in relationships give great advice, but they don’t understand it to the extent that you do. Anyways, I can not tell you how many times I have asked for relationship advice and have been told to “just break up with them”.

WRONG! Do not just break up with them. What is that going to fix? Yes, maybe it seems like the easy thing to do, but it’s not. Don’t be a quitter just because you hit  a rough patch. In a relationship you’re likely to hit a few of those. This is going to lead into the next piece of awful relationship advice. Communication.

“Just drop it.”

No No No. Do not drop it. I repeat!! DO NOT  DROP IT. Why, you ask? When you just drop it, it just gets stored in a little file in your head called ‘things I’m going to use against him/her in our next fight’. The file is dangerous. A feeling gets held onto and its not a good feeling. It’s better to talk about it when it happens and get it over with rather than being mad at each  other for longer than you need to be.

“Look through his phone”

Okay, if you do not trust him or you’re questioning his truthfulness, TELL him. Snooping will end a relationship. Ask him and he’ll likely break under pressure if he is, but you can tell by someones body language if they’re lying or not. Piece of advice: don’t be in a relationship with someone you don’t trust.

“Everyone deserves a second chance.”

Wrong! If your boyfriend or girlfriend cheats on you, dear god, please do not give them a second chance. They don;t deserve it. Once a cheater, always a cheater.

“Get revenge.”

Revenge is probably the worst thing. If your boyfriend or girlfriend or even husband or wife says something that makes you angry and you go back and say something worse, you’re making a dumb decision. Chances are, he/she are not likely trying to hurt your feelings, so grow up. Tel him/her that it bugged you when they said such a thing.

Looking at every piece of awful relationship advice, you will see that it  mostly leads back to communication. Good, solid communication will build a strong foundation for a relationship.

Simply, be yourself 

  So many people try to tell you who you should be. But, here’s a secret! If you’re yourself, you’ll be more happy. If you are who others want you to be, they’re stealing your happiness. It’s hard to be yourself in a world so judgmental. People always tell you that you’re doing it wrong, you’re not good enough, you’re ugly. Honey, wipe away your tears. Wipe off your makeup. What you look like does not define who you are. The amount of money you have does not define who you are. You know what defines who you are? You. The reason why people judge is because they feel bad about themselves. So the next time someone tells you you’re doing something wrong, compliment them. Let’s work together and make a more accepting world. Not one where other people tell you who you are.   

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